I want tattoos. and piercings. and hickies.


fuck the bronies


what would be great is if there was a bar that sold shots but the shots weren’t alcohol they were just shot glasses full of shredded cheese

I would go to this bar. Regularly.

had a breakdown tonight, first since before getting my new job. I feel dead.


At around 11.00pm last evening (27/08) the inner foyer of the National Motorcycle Museum was broken into and a large amount of the Museum’s trophies & TT replicas stolen.

Each of the Museums trophy cabinets was smashed causing substantial damage to the displays.

Many of the trophies and TT replicas have little “scrap” value but are unique and irreplaceable as part of this countries Motorcycling Heritage.

Because of the historical importance of these trophies the National Motorcycle Museum will be offering a substantial award of £20,000 for information which leads to the safe recovery of these important artefacts.

Anyone with any relevant information is asked to contact West Midlands Police or the National Motorcycle Museum on 01675 443311 or e-mail Museum Director James Hewing james@thenmm.co.uk

The Museum has re-opened as normal this morning.



this kinda sums up tumblr for me


Fucking great night. I went out to Harbor Freight to buy a tool. Found out the asshole manager I hated and left there because of quit, Warehouse Manager is now Assistant Store Manager, Head Cashier is now Warehouse Manager, and my old colleague is now Head Cashier (and I would have that job had I stayed with them a couple months longer than I did). Ashlee applied to be Store Manager and WASN’T EVEN INTERVIEWED.

And the ASM wants to buy my old Suzuki. And he wants to hire me for whatever shifts I’d like. Seriously considering going back to work Sunday mornings.

Oh, and the tool I needed? A swingarm stand. Not only was it normally cheaper than what I can get from the catalogues at my new job, but my Head Cashier friend accidentally had it marked down 45% and was like fuck it take it, this didn’t happen.


Dear George

I’m sorry*


* I’m not sorry

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"The department heads, they are saying to me, ‘You shall not make advertisements in lecture.’ But they are not yet saying, ‘You shall not bring weapons to lecture’ So, we have this blowgun."
— Calculus professor, who then proceeded to hit our makeshift bull’s-eye with the blowgun five times in a row and shout “Fuck your probability distribution!” 
Questionyou are so very beautiful, my love. Answer

Thank you sweetie <3


Sweet peas and basmati rice and browned beef with kale oil. eldritchneon, how’d it taste?

It was delightful. and so was the Irish coffee :)