"BREAKING: Drunken Rick Scott seen wandering down Miami Beach challenging clubgoers “You wanna debate? I’LL DEBATE YOU RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!”"
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october always reminds me that it’s very important to be both cute and eldritch as fuck



Like, I want everyone to be aware that when you present these definitions of what it means to be human/what makes humans special, where in humanity is defined as the ability

  • to engage in rational thought
  • to labor purposefully
  • to make and/or use tools


Nothing ever changes with white people and their support for killer pigs. 

"Here’s a toast to Alan Turing
born in harsher, darker times
who thought outside the container
and loved outside the lines
and so the code-breaker was broken
and we’re sorry
yes now the s-word has been spoken
the official conscience woken
– very carefully scripted but at least it’s not encrypted –
and the story does suggest
a part 2 to the Turing Test:
1. can machines behave like humans?
2. can we?"
— Matt Harvey (via observando)

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The democrats have their flaws, I’ll admit. Sometimes they carpet bomb people in Southeast Asia and install dictatorships in Latin America, but

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It’s noteworthy, I think, that people who’ve spent the past six years complaining about and even working to undermine the federal government now insist the federal government must do something swift and meaningful to coordinate a national response to the health scare of Ebola.




Arizona Professor Offers Extra Credit To Female Students Who Stop Shaving Their Armpits

Professor Breanne Fahs offers female students extra-credit if they “stop shaving their legs and underarms for ten weeks during the semester while keeping a journal to document their experiences.” For Fahs, who teaches women and gender studies, the purpose is to get students thinking critically about societal norms and gender roles.
A similar opportunity is available to men in Fahs’ classes who recieve extra credit for shaving all of their hair from the neck down.
One student, Stephanie Robinson, described it as a “life-changing experience:
"Many of my friends didn’t want to work out next to me or hear about the assignment, and my mother was distraught at the idea that I would be getting married in a white dress with armpit hair. I also noticed the looks on faces of strangers and people around campus who seemed utterly disgusted by my body hair. It definitely made me realize that if you’re not strictly adhering to socially prescribed gender roles, your body becomes a site for contestation and public opinion."

it’s been almost a year since I (perceived as a woman, and I often wear short shorts and tank tops) stopped shaving my armpits and my legs. where is my extra credit?

I’ll give you some extra credit :p

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this small horse got fucked up real hard

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I have decided I’m going to get a tattoo before the end of the year.